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Five Cost Saving Advantages of a Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Mobile surveillance systems are becoming very popular and have a number of perks over fixed cameras. Titan’s Virtual Guard is a mobile surveillance system that is ideal for parking lots and other outdoor environments. In our previous blog, we spoke about the many benefits of a Virtual Guard including providing proactive, “always-on” surveillance of challenging properties and its flexibility to be moved around the property as needed.

Now we'd like to show you how mobile surveillance systems can save your business money. Here are five top cost-saving advantages of Titan’s Virtual Guard system:

    1. Reduced Installation Costs.

      Installing an effective security surveillance system is not a small feat. However, of all the options available, none is quite as easy to install as Virtual Guard.

      Unlike traditional fixed-mount surveillance systems, with the Virtual Guard trailer, you don't need a lot of mounting hardware and cabling, which often has to be trenched through parking lots. Installing a permanent surveillance system for temporary events such as construction sites, festivals, or concerts is not cost-effective. Once the event is over, a permanent security system sits idle until the next event comes to town. A waste of valuable assets.

      Luckily, this is not the case with Virtual Guard. It is easy to move the system to a new problem area or relocate it to the next project site. Virtual Guard can be up and running in a matter of hours, making it perfect for any short- or long-term surveillance need.

    2. Labor Savings.

      24/7 guards or patrols can be very costly. The US Department of Labor reports that the average annual salary for a security guard in 2020 was about $30,000. The price tag can go up depending on the region and level of employee experience.

      On the other hand, Titan’s Virtual Guard is significantly less expensive than on-site guarding services. It offers equally, if not more, reliable surveillance at a fraction of the cost of a live security guard.

    3. Protects Against Property Damage.

      The primary reason for installing any surveillance system is to deter potential crime and to record visual evidence in the event deterrence fails. The best surveillance systems, however, go a step further by enabling quick response to suspicious activity. When criminals vandalize your site, they can do some pretty serious damage. Repairs from breaks-ins or theft of copper coils, for example, will not only cost you a lot of money to replace, but also impact your ability to meet deadlines.

      Fortunately, Titan’s Virtual Guard is designed to prevent these events from ever happening. First, its presence is a big visual deterrent to criminals; thieves think twice before breaking into a property with obvious video surveillance. Second, the Virtual Guard is equipped with complementary deterrents such as lights, sirens, and Voice Down technology that our highly trained video analysts use to alert thieves that they've been spotted, and that authorities are on the way.

    4. Prevents Equipment Theft.

      Unguarded construction sites, parking lots, and auto dealerships are prime targets for thieves. Vehicles, heavy equipment, and auto parts such as catalytic converters and truck liftgates are in high demand in the black market, and therefore their protection must be a high priority.

      When theft does occur, Titan’s Virtual Guard can provide recorded footage of the incident to local authorities investigating the incident. However, most cases never come to that as our in-house video analyst team is always monitoring the cameras in real-time. Titan dispatchers alert nearby patrols or the police the minute suspicious activity is noticed, and oftentimes the perpetrators are caught red-handed.

    5. Reduces Insurance Premiums.

      Did you know that a mobile surveillance system is a great way to reduce your insurance premiums? Virtual Guard surveillance significantly reduces the chances that you’ll be robbed. The lower the risk to your business or property, the lower your insurance premiums will be.

      You may also qualify for deeper insurance discounts if your surveillance system is monitored by a live video analyst team that can alert the authorities immediately. Titan’s Virtual Guard trailer does just that.

Virtual Guard plus Patrol Service

Virtual Guard customer sites are monitored around the clock by our highly trained dispatchers who are quick to alert nearby patrols—or local police when needed—the moment any suspicious activity is detected. Calls from live security officers monitoring Virtual Guard cameras lead to faster police response times since they will be prioritized as a verified incident in progress rather than a potential false alarm.

What’s more, the Titan Virtual Guard is self-powered and wireless. It uses solar power and battery storage technology, and never stops operating or recording—even when the electricity goes out. Virtual Guard adds an extra layer of security to your property, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy your time off the job.

Contact Titan Security to learn more about the Virtual Guard system and other blended security solutions we provide to keep your property safe and secure.

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