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Five Cost Saving Advantages of a Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Aug 3, 2021 8:41:01 AM / by Titan Team posted in Virtual Guard

Mobile surveillance systems are becoming very popular and have a number of perks over fixed cameras. Titan’s Virtual Guard is a mobile surveillance system that is ideal for parking lots and other outdoor environments. In our previous blog, we spoke about the many benefits of a Virtual Guard including providing proactive, “always-on” surveillance of challenging properties and its flexibility to be moved around the property as needed.

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Is a Mobile Camera Monitoring System Right for Your Site?

Jun 25, 2021 12:32:47 PM / by Titan Team posted in Virtual Guard

Whether you’re managing a construction site or a parking lot, a corporate office or a multi-family residential, live security monitoring has become an increasingly popular solution to prevent theft, property damage, and ensure the safety of anyone or anything occupying the space. Less expensive than having security guards on premise, a permanent surveillance system provides 24-hour monitoring, with strategically placed cameras, all watched over by a trained team on hand to catch—and act upon—suspicious activity as it happens.

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