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What Auto Dealership Security Plan is Right for You?

Auto Dealership Security Plan
An effective auto dealership security plan is essential to combat the rising rates of vehicle theft and vandalism, ensuring the safety of both vehicles and staff.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), there are over one million vehicle thefts a year. That’s one every 31 seconds. And according to an FBI study, nearly 12,000 of those thefts happen at auto dealerships. That equates to roughly 33 stolen cars a day…more than one an hour! (Okay, no more math, we promise!)

Motor vehicle theft rates haven’t been this high since the 2008 recession. Whether stolen or stripped of valuable parts, these criminal acts require time and money to replace or repair, deeply cutting into an auto dealership’s bottom line.

One thing is clear: Owners need to up their automotive security monitoring game to combat the growing wave of thefts and vandalism. The challenge is finding an effective plan at an affordable price.

Traditional Auto Dealership Security Plans: Affordable but Less Effective

Most dealerships rely on lighting (constant or motion-activated) to protect their lots while others go the extra mile and add perimeter fencing. Store-bought security cameras are also a popular way to deter car thieves from entering the property.

The issue is, these are passive measures that do little to prevent today’s smarter and more brazen brand of thieves, who know how to work around legacy alarm systems and cameras.

Auto Dealership Security Guards: Effective but Less Affordable

Having on-site security officers stationed at your dealership can be highly effective, sending a signal to would-be criminals that you take the responsibility of protecting your vehicles and your staff seriously.

Just their mere presence is a crime deterrent and their ability to immediately respond to an active situation is a major benefit. But there are security guard limitations: the size of a dealership lot makes it nearly impossible for one officer to properly patrol it on his or her own.

And multiple guards can drive costs up to tens of thousands of dollars a month!

Mobile Surveillance Systems: Affordable and Effective

Mobile security units like Titan’s Virtual Guard are growing in popularity as an automotive dealership security solution. This is a portable security system that is equipped with advanced cameras that are monitored remotely 24/7 by a team of video analysts and dispatchers.

When suspicious activities are picked up, monitors can determine what action to take, whether it’s confronting the suspect directly with lights, alarms and talk-down speakers that are mounted on the mobile unit or, if necessary, by alerting the authorities.

    Mobile surveillance systems offer a host of benefits:
  • They can be quickly deployed (often within a few business days).
  • They can be easily moved from area to area, depending on your specific needs.
  • They are cellular-based and solar powered – no internet connection or power source is needed.
  • They can be purchased or rented for a fraction of the price of hiring on-site officers.

A Blended Approach: The Best of Both Worlds

Many owners are discovering that a blended approach – combining a boots-on-the-ground approach with live remote surveillance for dealerships – provides the exact security owners require at a price they can afford.

    Titan’s blended services include:
  • Security Guard Services, offering an extensively trained professional on-site, attentive, and prepared to act when necessary.
  • Live Remote Monitoring, offering 24/7 surveillance, using a combination of advanced security technologies and a team of live video analysts and dispatchers.
  • Security Patrol Services, offering an added on-site presence along with nearby proximity, leading to faster response times, plus employee escorts

By using a blended approach, car dealerships can save hundreds of thousands on their security plan each year, as this customer case study demonstrates.

Case Study: Titan Helps Auto Dealership Group Drive Down Security Cost by $500,000.00/year

Get your free security consultation.

In the five minutes it took you to read this article, ten more cars in the U.S. were stolen. (Okay we lied about the math promise). The time to improve the security in your auto dealership is now. Simply fill out and submit the form below and a Titan sales team member will get back to you to find the right auto dealership security plan for you.


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