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Seven Ways to Protect Your Home for the Holidays

Commercial Property Security Services - Holiday Tips

Commercial Property Security Services are essential, especially during the holiday season. Our latest article extends invaluable advice not just to homeowners but also to commercial property owners. It delves into practical and effective measures to safeguard properties from increased burglary risks during this festive period.

The holiday season is upon us once again, a time to fill our homes with decorations, presents and—if we’re not careful—intruders. We’ve all witnessed the damage and mayhem the criminal element can bring to a property. If you need a reminder, just watch “Home Alone”…and that was an unsuccessful burglary attempt!

In all seriousness, “Home Alone” does raise a valuable point (questionable parenting aside): homes are particularly vulnerable during the holidays. People are away on vacation. Packages sit by front entrances all day long. Doors are left unlocked with the steady stream of traffic coming and going. In 2021, over $130 million in value was lost thanks to holiday burglaries. You could say it’s the most wonderful time of the year for criminals…but it doesn’t have to be.

At Titan, we specialize in safeguarding commercial properties, but we’re also homeowners with families and understand the importance of keeping our living spaces safe and secure. With that in mine, here seven tips to keep your house protected during the holidays.

  1. Look into a home security system.
    If your home isn’t already protected, there are reliable and affordable options out there. Maybe it’s an off-the-shelf DIY camera system, or maybe a full monitoring service. Either way, make sure it’s a “smart” system that allows you to control the cameras and alarms remotely and view live footage from a mobile app.
  2. Light it up.
    Some homeowners string up their houses with enough outdoor lights to be visible from space. For the rest of us, there may be some dark areas surrounding the home that could be a hiding spot for trespassers. Sensor lights are a great way to deter burglars and keep your home safe year-round.
  3. Keep it under lock...
    Make sure all of your doors and windows have secondary locks (deadbolts, security pins, etc.) and give a check before bedtime that everything’s secure. This applies to the vehicles in your driveway as well. Make sure all doors are locked and anything valuable has been brought inside.
  4. ...And Key
    It’s tempting to place a spare key under the doormat, in the mailbox or a host of other “clever” locations. The problem is, criminals are clever too and know where to find them. (We’re looking at you, nearby planter!) It’s best not to hide a spare key by the front door. At the very least, bring it inside if you are going away on vacation. And speaking of vacations...
  5. Don’t advertise you’re away for the holidays.
    If you’re leaving home for a prolonged period, put a hold on your mail and newspapers (or ask a close neighbor to collect them for you). And resist the urge to show off those vacation pics on social until you’ve returned. It’s also a good idea to use a timer for your indoor lights make it look as if someone’s at home.
  6. They ain’t all carolers.
    When your doorbell rings, be extra wary of strangers. Ask for identification for any unexpected salespeople and especially charitable organizations. People tend to be more generous during the holidays and criminals know this!
  7. Wrap up your trash.
    No, not with ribbons or bows, but consider placing empty boxes for expensive electronics, toys and other gifts in dark garbage bags before putting them out for pick-up. Why let potential criminals know your home is full of shiny, new things worth stealing?

Enhancing Commercial Property Security During the Holidays

Neighborhoods aren’t the only areas hit by crime during the holidays. Businesses are as well! If you are a commercial property owner or manager in need of a professional security service, give Titan a call. We’ve been the premier provider of video monitoring and security guard services for over 15 years and are happy to provide a free consultation! It’s our holiday gift to you!

Contact us by filling out the form below today, and a Titan sales team member will get back to you shortly! In the meantime, enjoy a safe and happy holiday season, from all of us at Titan!


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