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Think a Construction Site CCTV Is Enough Protection? Think Again.

is Your Construction Site CCTV Enough

Construction site CCTV systems, often considered a security staple, may not fully protect your assets. This article explores the limitations of traditional CCTV at construction sites and introduces Titan Protection's Virtual Guard, an advanced solution that enhances security and prevents incidents before they occur.

According to reports, American construction companies lose between 300 million to a billion dollars in stolen equipment every year. Now, tack on the theft of raw materials like copper, metal and lumber plus the hidden costs of project delays, insurance hikes and all the legal/regulatory impacts to follow.

It’s easy to understand why construction site crime has become a significant concern throughout the industry. So why is it that so many construction companies and contractors are addressing their concerns with store-bought surveillance cameras instead of considering a more advanced security system?

Why is a Construction Site CCTV a False Security Blanket?

It’s true that construction site CCTV cameras have evolved in technology and communications over the last twenty years. PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) systems, for example, have become increasingly popular (although they can only record areas that the camera is specifically looking at).

It’s understandable that a site owner or foreman might think a surveillance system from a big-box store will cover their security needs. The fact is, however, these DIY solutions still come with significant limitations:

  • They record crimes but do not prevent them. CCTV cameras provide “after the fact” evidence, which authorities can do little with. Bottom line: If you are the victim of a construction site theft, it is very unlikely that you’ll get your stolen items back.
  • They detect motion but can’t tell a cat from a crook. Stray animals. Falling leaves. Blowing debris. The amount of false alarms generated by motion detection makes it easy to dismiss legitimate alerts when they happen.
  • They put the onus on the site owner or manager. Security camera monitoring is a job unto itself. Each alert demands a decision to ignore it or act upon it…and as mentioned, those alarms come often, largely during the early A.M. hours. In fact, many managers silence the alerts, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a security system in place, doesn’t it?

The Solution: Mobile, Live Remote Monitoring

What you want is a solution that prevents the crime before it happens, while also freeing site managers to focus their attention on their day-to-day job responsibilities. For construction sites, a portable, surveillance system, such as Titan’s Virtual Guard, is an ideal solution for a host of reasons:

  1. They are monitored 24/7 by trained agents, who are ready to react to any suspicious activity as it happens, warning intruders with lights, sirens and talk-down speakers, or alerting law enforcement when necessary.
  2. They feature the latest in surveillance technology, including smart IP and infrared cameras with a range of 130’ in darkness, plus A.I. software that uses machine learning to distinguish between genuine threats (like an intruder or an unauthorized vehicle) and false alarms.
  3. They are Flexible, with cellular-based and solar-powered units (no internet connection or power source needed) and portable towers that can be moved anywhere on your site, based on your needs or current crime trends.
  4. They are a cost-saver, offering a budget-friendly alternative to on-site security officers, while safeguarding you from construction site theft and all the ancillary costs that come with it.
  5. They are ready to go when you are, easy-to-install and can be quickly deployed (often within 1-2 days).



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