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How a Remote Video Monitoring System Proactively Protects Your Construction Site

May 24, 2021 10:51:00 AM / by Titan Team

Remote Video Monitoring System

Theft and vandalism are major causes for concern in the construction industry. Heavy equipment, fleets, and building materials are very valuable targets for criminals and needed to be guarded in one form or another 24/7...especially during off hours. A large majority of burglary cases occur when no one is present on the premises, and each burglary costs on average roughly $5,200. This doesn’t take into account costs associated with work downtime or the increase of insurance premiums, which can be even more substantial!

You need to take concrete steps to protect your property, and here is where remote video monitoring comes in. It's a proactive solution towards securing your site that offers more than mere surveillance and is far less expensive than having a round-the-clock on-site presence.

Below are different ways a remote video monitoring system protects your property:

Provides Real-Time Coverage of the Entire Property

Remote video monitoring provides 24/7, real-time monitoring of your construction site, allowing you to observe things as they happen. Therefore, theft can be detected as it happens as opposed to looking through archival footage after the crime has already occurred.

Immediate Connection to Police

When break-ins happen, you want law enforcement to arrive at the scene ASAP. With a remote video monitoring system, a live agent watches over your site throughout and informs police whenever they detect a trespasser. Therefore, you are assured that someone is monitoring your property and will call the police immediately. 

Voice-down Technology for On-site Deterrent  

Remote video monitoring with voice-down capability allows a remote operator to communicate via a speaker to let the criminal know they are being recorded and law enforcement is on the way. With Titan security, this functionality initiates when our trained monitors spot, or are alerted to, a trespasser. In most cases, when warned, trespassers will flee before committing the intended crime.

6X Faster Response Time

Traditional alarm systems have a high rate of false alarms, and a police response times can often take between 4-6 hours. Remote video monitoring leads to response rates of up to six-time faster. Why? Video verification. It’s a quick confirmation that the alarm is genuine and that the response team is being alerted to a real and active situation. Once the crime is confirmed to be taking place, law enforcement can arrive at the scene within a few minutes.

Leads to More Arrests

Remote video monitoring has a high rate of criminal apprehension. Remote agents watch over your premises and take quick actions when necessary. This means that law enforcement is more likely to catch the criminals on-site, and if they manage to escape, the video footage helps identify them and provides evidence of the crime. Criminals, therefore, have little chance of getting away with their crime and with more arrests, you reduce the chances of the same criminals coming back again.

Other Benefits of a Remote Video Monitoring System

Discount on Insurance Premiums  

With a remote video monitoring system, you can get an insurance discount depending on your provider. Insurance companies typically offer lower premiums on a property where the risk of a break-in is low. Remote video monitoring is an efficient way to keep your premiums low without compromising coverage.

It's a Cost-Effective Solution

A remote video monitoring system is a cost-effective solution to protect your property. It saves you the cost you would have incurred to higher on-site guards. With remote video surveillance, you can have just one or even no guards at all and still be assured of your site's security.

You can avoid the financial pain that comes with theft of construction site equipment, and a remote video surveillance system offers valuable defense against criminal activities.

If you are looking for experts to aid in beefing up security on your construction site, look no further. Contact Titan Security today to schedule a free security consultation.. 

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