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How Can St. Louis Business Owners Protect Their Businesses?

St Louis Business Security Services

Securing the ideal St. Louis Business Security Solutions is paramount for local entrepreneurs. In this article we delve into impactful strategies and cutting-edge technologies crafted specifically to address the distinctive security hurdles of conducting business within St. Louis's vibrant urban environment. Discover how to fortify your enterprise with thorough and flexible security protocols.

Understanding St. Louis's Unique Urban Security Needs

St. Louis is located near the geographical center of the United States, but in may ways it has a feel closer to that of an East Coast urban area than what you’d expect from “The Gateway to the West.”

“St. Louis is a tough city,” says Leon Leon, Chief of Security at Titan Security Group, “People are more on top of each other, and a denser population means more incidents can happen.”

Having previously managed Titan clients in Kansas City, Leon immediately noted stark differences between the two cities — despite a mere 250 miles between them — in terms of quality of life and levels of disorderly conduct.

Take panhandling, for instance. "In Kansas City, panhandlers confine themselves to the traffic island," Leon explains. "In St. Louis, they approach vehicles directly." This heightened level of assertiveness indicates a combination of greater tolerance and fewer enforcement protocols.

Although comparing the crime statistics of St. Louis to those of other East Coast cities can be subjective, St. Louis — like cities such as Detroit — have faced challenges related to crime and urban decay. In addition, St. Louis grapples with economic disparities and poverty, and has been the site of protests and civil unrest in recent years.

Titan-Forbes-small-graphic-1Though high crime rates pose a challenge for both citizens and commerce, Forbes recently included multiple businesses from the St. Louis area on its lists of the best U.S. employers. Plus, several factors, including a low cost of living, contribute to a conducive environment for growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

In other words, St. Louis is a great place to do business. However, your business may be vulnerable if you’re not vigilant about threats to its safety.

Key Components of Effective St. Louis Business Security Solutions

The best security measures prevent incidents before they can occur. By investing in proactive strategies, businesses in St. Louis — and let’s face it, in any city — can foster a safer and more secure environment for their employees, customers, visitors, and neighbors.

These measures include:

  • Physical security: Security cameras, alarm systems, and access control systems to monitor and control entry points can deter criminal activity and provide evidence in case of incidents.

  • Private security: Trained security personnel provide a visible deterrent to crime and offer rapid response to security threats.

  • Collaboration with law enforcement: Establishing a relationship with local law enforcement agencies can improve response times and facilitate cooperation in case of emergencies or incidents.

  • Community engagement: Engaging with the local community can foster a sense of solidarity and encourage residents to report suspicious activity.

  • Risk assessment and planning: Conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop mitigation strategies tailored to the specific needs of your business and its location.

  • Employee training: Educate employees on security protocols, emergency procedures, and how to recognize and respond to security threats effectively.

  • Cybersecurity measures: In addition to physical security, businesses should also invest in cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data and prevent cyber threats such as hacking or data breaches.

The city is also home to associations that provide local business with security-related assistance and resources, including workshops and events. These organizations include:

The Role of Technology in St. Louis Business Security

Physical security, such as alarm systems and cameras, are likely the most common security measures taken by businesses. Leon notes that cameras are still effective, and have evolved from grainy black-and-white video of the past. “Cameras can do some really neat things today,” he says. “They can detect human movement, disturbances, and even a gun if somebody's carrying one.”

Leon notes that cameras won’t deter all kinds of crime — and all kinds of criminals. “What we’ve learned is that the cameras will provide evidence after a crime has been committed, and their presence could stop a first-time criminal or someone who doesn’t want to be on camera.

But in big cities like St. Louis, you’re more likely to have hardcore career criminals, and they don't care if they’re on camera. They’ve been to prison before and they expect to eventually go there again. Crime is their way of life.”

Just as the criminals are tougher in urban areas, the police force is more overextended. “In a suburb like Lawrence, Kansas, a triggered house alarm could mean a response by a police officer, maybe two,” Leon says. "They'll check all the doors on your house and make sure that nobody's broken in. But when you get to cities the size of Kansas City and especially St. Louis, the police don’t have the manpower to respond unless there’s an active felony being committed.”

That also means that there are more crimes that can impact your business but aren’t necessarily a high priority for a local police force, such as shoplifting, unauthorized access, vandalism, and other suspicious activities. 

That’s the kind of gap that a professional security services firm can fill.


A Blended Level of Security

To ensure thorough security coverage aimed at preventing crime and unwelcome incidents, Titan advocates for an integrated strategy that combines state-of-the-art technology with conventional on-site security personnel.

“Titan is a catch-all in this industry for what the police don’t have time to handle,” Leon says. “The bigger the city, the more egregious the crimes that businesses will potentially face.”

Unfortunately, the perception (and in some cases, the reality) of a manned security force is of an overnight guard sleeping on the job or a bumbling Kevin James character. “If business owners approach us and say, ‘I just want somebody to stand right there and tell people not to come in here,’ then we’re probably not for you,” Leon says. “Titan offers a professional level of security, which is a blended solution.”

Businesses often consider hiring off-duty police, but Leon — a 20-year law enforcement veteran himself — advises that that’s not always the best option. It can be like having Gordon Ramsey cook your Sunday dinner: hard to book, expensive, and overkill. A department store wants to deescalate an ongoing incident or avoid crime altogether; they’re not looking for arrests or avoidable conflict.

That doesn’t mean our security personnel aren’t prepared. “Although the industry standard is 6 hours of training, our guards receive up to 40 hours of training from security experts with a combined 100 years of law enforcement experience,” he notes. “And once our officers begin work, our quality assurance, continued training with YouTube videos, and constant performance monitoring ensures that businesses have the best — and most appropriate — security they can find.”

“Most appropriate” means that deescalation mentioned earlier. You might cheer the way Dirty Harry stops a diner robbery, but you’ll rarely require that level of enforcement in order to keep your business running. “The touchdown isn’t putting someone in handcuffs, it’s deescalating the situation so the crime doesn’t even occur,” Leon says. “That focus has been part of every aspect of our training for a long time.”

Securing Your Success

While St. Louis's urban environment may resemble tough East Coast cities, it has a business-friendly atmosphere and continued potential for growth. Successful businesses must remain vigilant against security threats that may not always receive high priority from local law enforcement. 

Titan Protection offers a blend of cutting-edge technology and highly trained personnel to bridge the security gap and ensure comprehensive protection for businesses in St. Louis. Trust us to safeguard your business, mitigate risks, and provide peace of mind.

Want to learn more about our blended services or receive a free consultation? Fill out this form below and a Titan sales team member will get back to you shortly! If you would like to speak with a St. Louis Security Specialist, give us a call at 314-328-7282.


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